27.4. – 11.11.2018
Zeitalter der Kohle
Ruhrmuseum auf dem Welterbe Zollverein in Essen
Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum
Glückauf Zukunft!

Opening times and prices

Opening times

Daily, Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm


Adults EUR 10
Reduced EUR 7
Children and adolescents under 18 Free admission
Pupils and university students under 25 Free admission

Combo tickets and group discounts available at the counter in the weighing tower.

Upon presentation of the admission ticket “The Age of Coal”, you will receive discounted admission to the permanent exhibition of the Ruhr Museum as well as discounted admission to the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum, and vice versa. 

Guided tours

Information, booking and registration 

Tel. +49 (0) 201 24681 444 
(Mon to Fri, 9am to 4pm)
Fax +49 (0) 201 24681 445
Send e-mail to visitor service 

Groups of up to 20 people: foreign languages (English, French) EUR 80 plus EUR 8 admission per person
Pupils and university students EUR 50, admission free

Additional information regarding the accompanying programme in German is available here.

Audio guide and coal quiz

Audio guide

The audio guide provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the exhibition “The Age of Coal” individually and to retrieve more in-depth information at 54 stations. The tour takes approx. 100 minutes and is available in German and English. 
The costs for the audio guide are EUR 3 plus admission to the exhibition.

Coal quiz

An individual rally through the exhibition for families with children from age 8 and older and groups of primary-level pupils
Mon to Sun, 10am to 6pm, EUR 1 per booklet, incl. pencil




UNESCO world heritage site Zollverein
Areal C [coking plant], mixing plant [C70] /
entrance at the weighing tower [A29]

Arendahls Wiese, 45141 Essen, Germany



Here you can download our 3D plan of the site.

Tram line 107 From Essen main station in the direction of Gelsenkirchen and/or from Gelsenkirchen main station in the direction of Essen, stop “Zollverein” , from there 7 minutes on foot
S-Bahn line 2 From Dortmund main station in the direction of Duisburg main station and/or from the Duisburg main station in the direction of Dortmund main station to Essen railway station “Zollverein Nord”, from there approx. 5 minutes on foot
Passenger car / destination address Parking lot C (free of charge) – Arendahls Wiese, 45141 Essen


Barrier-free parking spots are located in the front area of parking lot C.
If you are suffering from impaired mobility, you can use the lift in the mixing plant [C70] as an alternative entrance to the exhibition. 
For the most part, the exhibition provides barrier-free access.

The catalogue

For the exhibition, Klartext Verlag has published a comprehensive, illustrated catalogue with approx. 400 pages and many illustrations at a price of EUR 24.95; ISBN: 978-3-83751953-2

Photography and filming

Photographing and filming in the exhibition space is permitted for private, non-commercial purposes. Any further use requires separate authorisation by the Ruhr Museum or the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum. 

For safety and conservation reasons using tripods/stands and/or artificial light (flash, etc.) are prohibited. Escape and emergency routes must not be blocked at any time by picture-taking/recording, nor may other visitors be disturbed.

Food and beverages

Taking food and beverages into the exhibition spaces is not allowed. Please use the picnic spots in the outside area or the cafés and restaurants on the Zollverein premises. 


No animals of any kind are permitted in the exhibition spaces. The only exception are guide dogs for the blind.